How To Melt Chocolate By Double Boiler Method?

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How to Melt Chocolate for Dipping in the microwave, a double broiler, or with a special melting pot. Decide if you are going to use regular chocolate (like chocolate chips) or melting chocolate (like Wilton’s melting chocolate.) This will make a difference. Regular chocolate is more difficult to melt correctly.

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Kirsten Tibballs tempering chocolate at her savour chocolate school. photo: Kristoffer Paulsen For any sort of chocolate work (except for when it’s used as an ingredient, for example in baking) you.

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the best way to melt chocolate without a double boiler is to use a sauce pan with some water in in and then put your chocolate into a glass bowl on top of the sauce pan, your own homemade double boiler. you can also use a metal bowl or another sauce pan, just so your chocolate is suspended above the hot water.

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How to Melt Chocolate – For Dummies – My Chocolaty World – Method #1 – How to Melt Chocolate in a Double Boiler. Fill the bottom of the sauce pan with water, making sure the water does NOT touch the bottom of the double boiler. If the water touches, the Chocolate will heat too quickly and burn and/or become grainy. Place the double boiler in the saucepan and turn the heat to medium low.

How to melt chocolate: the double boiler (or clone) You may have seen a recipe instruction telling you to melt chocolate in a double boiler. If you have one, use it; but you can easily duplicate this special pan by using a heat-safe bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water.

To melt chocolate on the stovetop, put the chopped chocolate in the top of a double boiler with barely simmering water in the bottom. Make sure the water isn’t boiling – Using a double boiler with gently simmering water keeps the chocolate away from direct heat, and melts it gently at a low enough temperature to prevent scorching and separating.

Use a spoon the stir the chocolate until is is mostly melted. Add some more chocolate. repeat steps 5 and 6 until the desired amount of chocolate has been melted. If the water cools too much during this process, remove the upper pot and reheat the lower pot before continuing. Once enough chocolate has been melted, pour your molds or dip normally.